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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sax Lessons on CD-ROM

Get a private lesson with me through my "Way To Mastery" CDs!

Each of these Lessons contains an MP3-file (approx. 60 minutes long) and accompaning exercises to the lesson in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Available in English and German languages!

ALL Lessons are priced at EUR 15,00 each. FREE SHIPPING!!!

Orders within Germany can be made per Bank transfer and are sent free of shipping costs!

Bestellungen innerhalb Deutschland kann per Überweisung getätigt werden und sind Versandkostenfrei!

Lesson Topics:

Embouchure, Intonation & Tonal Development -
This lesson will involve the theory and practice of an effective embouchure, a sure-fire method to improve your intonation, and the theory and development of good tonal quality. Many exercises are included and demonstrated.

Ear-Training and the Saxophone -
This lesson involves learning to hear the most important intervals of western music. The concept is based on using the instrument you hear the most (your sax) to fine-tune your ears. Here you will also learn and develop relative pitch and perfect pitch.

Theory of Technique: How To Develop Fast Fingers -
This lesson will be introducing a theory of technique, a methodical way of approaching your goals and plenty of exercises!

Advanced Tonal Development through Overtones -
This lesson features more exercises and an advance philosophy of tonal development.

Altissimo Range: Preparation and Study -
How to prepare and approach learning the range above high f#. Tuning systems will be discussed and plenty of exercises are used to build consistency and great intonation.

Developing a Practice Regimen -
How to practice getting the most done with the least amount of effort. This lesson will involve goal-setting and planning.

Upcoming topics:
Jazz Improvisation (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)

Go to: "www.evantate.com" and then "Lessons" to order!


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