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Monday, August 08, 2005

Way To Mastery: Saxophone Workshop

"Playing the saxophone should be just as natural and relaxed as talking. The key to mastery of any instrument is to be able to have access to all your abilities and acquire new abilities in a stress-free manner." - Evan Tate

All Photos: Rock Shop, Karlsruhe, Germany

The "Way To Mastery Workshop: Saxophone" was created to promote this philosophy. The major part of these techniques are those taught by the Late Dr. Joe Allard, instructor of many world-known saxophonists. Among them are;
David Liebman
Steve Grossman
Michael Brecker
Eric Dolphy
Dave Tofani
Harry Carney
Paul Winter
Steve Lacy
Bob Berg
Ken Radnofsky
Paul Cohen
... and many others.

The "Way to Mastery" philosophy is based on basic laws of physics that help the saxophonist to accomplish more with less effort. Go against these laws and one makes it more difficult to reach the desired goal.

I have taught hundreds of saxophonists privately and through workshops over the past 15 years and the "Way To Mastery Workshop" is a compilation of these skills taught.

Here at the "Rock Shop" in Karlsruhe, Germany, I was greeted by over 80 saxophonists of various playing niveaus with great interest.

"Your Saxtips on cybersaxophone and your website have been a source of creativity to me." - Bidemi Treasure (per Email)

The Workshop handles the following topics and more:

  1. The Basics - What does a musician have to be able to do in order to perform well consistently?
  2. Theory of Tone Production - How is tone produced? What makes a "good tone"? How can you develop your own, personal, good saxophone sound?
  3. Embouchure Theory - How do I develop a good, effective embouchure easily?
  4. Breathing Theory - How do I develop good breath-control?
  5. Tonguing – various techniques.
  6. Intonation - How do I improve my intonation - FAST!
  7. Technique - How do I develop Amazing fingers in a short period of time?
  8. How do you practice? - How do I practive effectively and get the most work done and improve my musical skills at the same time?
  9. "Mouthpiece–Reed–Ligature" - Combination - How do I get a setup that I can stay with for a long time?
  10. The Altissimo Range - What is the best way for me to learn it and improve my sound and intonation?
  11. The Soprano Saxophone - What are the challenges and how do I overcome them easily?
  12. Further Recommendtions - Some of the best literature for jazz, classical, etc.

The Way to Mastery: Saxophone Workshop is just the beginning. Soon, I will be creating podcasts and CD-ROMs of the workshop for the benefit of all those who cannot attend or who I otherwise cannot visit personally.

So far I have given these workshops in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, other cities in Baden-Würtemberg, Nordrhein-Westpfalen, and in Linz, Austria. Parts of these techniques you can read in the other articles in this blog. But for the full information listen and/or download the upcoming podcasts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime at the email address in my profile above.