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Monday, May 19, 2008

News from Evan Tate and "The Way To Mastery Workshop Series"


I've got news! The "Way To Mastery Workshop Series" are now available on DVDs!

Each DVD is available in English or German language and PDF files of all exercises.

The "W2M Series" is divided thusly;

The W2M 100 Series - Basic techniques in saxophone playing including Embouchre, Tonal development, Intonation, Ear-Training, and Technical Development.

W2M 101 - Embouchure, Intonation and Tonal Development
W2M 102 - Technical Development
W2M 103 - Altissimo: Preparation and Development
W2M 104 - The Soprano Saxophone

The W2M 200 Series - Beginning Jazz/Pop Improvisation Series including common chord progressions and soloing techniques.

W2M 201 - Beginning Improvisation - Minimalist Approach to Improvisation
W2M 202 - Cycles, Dominant 7th, Minor 7th, Blues, Minor
W2M 203 - Turnarounds, ii-V7-I, Major and Minor
W2M 204 - Rhythm Changes with variations

The W2M 300 Series - "Improv Etudes" for intermediate to advanced improvisers.

W2M 301 - Improv Etudes I
W2M 302 - Improv Etudes II

Go to Evan Tate.com for more info and to order.

Many thanks,

Evan Tate
80339 Munich,Germany


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